Cooling elements

ECOCOOL provides a wide range of cooling elements

  • Coolpack gel packs
  • Reusable hard shell packs
  • Customized, dimensionally stable cooling elements with foam core (foam bricks) with various cooling agents (water, PCM)
  • Absorber cooling elements

Coolpack cooling elements

Coolpack cooling elements are food contact approved, thermoformed, and water-based gel-filled cooling elements.

The following formats are available:

TypeDims (mm)WeightPcs/boxPcs/pallet
3.1280 x 125 x 15300g542.160
4.1190 x 140 x 15300g502.000
2.4280 x 190 x 10300g502.000
4.1190 x 140 x 20400g401.600
2.1280 x 190 x 15500g321.280
4.1190 x 140 x 30680g24960
1.3380 x 280 x 15900g18720
  • The 2.4 and 1.3 formats can be folded along their seams, even when frozen
  • Customer specific elements with printed or coloured foils available on request
  • Non-standard capacities available

Reusable cooling elements

The following formats are available:

TypeDims (mm)WeightPcs/boxPcs/pallet
Ice-Box (small)168 x 84 x 24260g502.450
Ice-Box (large)210 x 130 x 25640g18600
  • Stable cooling element with HDPE sleeve
  • Various melting temperatures (0°C and -18°C) available
  • Customisable with customer specific colours or embossing on request

Dimensionally stable foam brick cooling elements

To ensure defined dimensions in both frozen and thawed conditions, dimensionally stable cool packs with foam core are available. ECOCOOL offers custom foam bricks with either water or PCM filling. With or without corrugated cardboard outer carton, as specified by customer.

Absorber cooling elements

Sorba-Freeze absorber cooling elements are made from superabsorbent granules in a water permeable bag. The granules are non-toxic and certified for use with foodstuffs. The elements are watered and then frozen prior to use. Once thawed, the water remains absorbed in the elements.