The solution for the protection of temperature-sensitive goods

THERMOCOVERS are a standard product for protection of temperature-sensitive goods from too high or too low temperatures. According to the field of application ECOCOOL offers graded quality and design stages.


Your benefits:

  •  All covers are tailor-made customer solutions
  • Closed or with apertures for pallets, drums, or roll containers
  • Very easy handling
  • Performance benefits due to high quality foils with real aluminium
  • Made with single or double layered insulating foil according to area of application
  • Short lead times thanks to proprietary production in Germany
  • Worldwide delivery


Lightweight and reliable

  • Lightweight one-way cover made from insulating bubble foil
  • Single layered bubble wrap, aluminium lined on one side
  • Highly space-saving packaging for cost-effective transport and storage


Cost-effective basic protection

  •     Suitable for all temperature-sensitive products at transport interfaces, especially in air freight
  •     Ethylene and moisture regulating thanks to micro-perforation
  •     Ideally suited for the protection of fruit and vegetables, berries and cut flowers


Cost-effective and reliable

  • The economic standard solution made from high-grade insulating foil
  • Double layered bubble wrap, aluminium lined on both sides
  • Suitable for one-way or reusable application
  • Simplest handling


Safety plus

  • ECOCOOL waterblankets + ECO-SAFE thermocovers: Additional thermal mass combined with proven thermocovers for significantly improved protection from temperature peaks
  • Improved protection for loads with low thermal net weight
  • No additional chargeable weight
  • The ideal solution for temperature-sensitive product consignments on critical routes


Optimal protection due to the best thermal insulation

  • Thermal protection and passive cooling packaging hybrid for maximum protection at an attractive price
  • A combination of ECO-SAFE foil with EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging
  • 5-8 cm EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels, depending on requirements
  • ECOCOOL waterblankets for additional thermal mass


Safe and secure even when switching modes of transport

  • Optimum weather protection thanks to triple-layered construction
  • Sustainable, highly insulating recycled PET fleece, coated with reflective aluminium on both sides
  • Suitable for single and multiple use
  • In combination with waterblankets, the ECO-XTREME solution is an economical alternative to shipping with pallet shippers
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