Cooling and insulating packaging for fresh food traders and distributors

Cooling packaging for fresh shipping

The Internet offers quality food producers and distributors tremendous opportunities due to a vastly increased reach when compared to traditional distribution channels. Typically, customers would buy from an online shop and have fresh goods delivered via standard parcel or express services. To make sure that the goods arrive at the customer fresh and undamaged, proper cooling packaging ensuring a temperature path between 2°C and 8°C over 24 hours is essential. For this purpose, our EcoCool-Inlay cooling packaging, combined with Coolpack cooling elements, have been proven with a number of major customers over the years.

Reusable thermoboxes for food delivery services

Our thermoboxes made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)  are designed to keep prepared food warm over short transport distances. Available in different formats, stable and stackable, they are the perfect solution for transport in delivery vehicles.

With an additional thermal cover and optional cooling elements, the thermoboxes are also an ideal solution for delivery of fresh or frozen food. 


Insulating covers for food wholesale and retail

Food retailers and supermarket chains generally obtain goods that require refrigeration by properly refrigerated trucks. However, the transfer from truck to chiller cabinet is a critical period of time in which the cold chain may be interrupted, if the product is not adequately protected from too high ambient temperatures. For this purpose, we offer reusable thermal covers for roll containers. These protect the chilled goods from excessive heating during transshipment and, thanks to a large front flap with Velcro, are easy to handle.

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