Insulating and cooling packaging for use in the industry

National and international deepfreeze shipping

High-quality, technologically sophisticated products often also place high demands on the transport chain. An example of this are quality products from plastics (carbon prepregs), which must be shipped nationally and worldwide under dry ice. EcoCool offers specially designed solutions for this, based on the EcoCool-Inlay-Plus packaging system.

Protection of temperature-sensitive chemicals from frost 

In the chemical industry, there are various products (construction chemicals, water-based paints and varnishes) which must be transported and stored frost-free. Our thermal covers, made from Isohood or Ventiflex insulating film, have been used successfully in winter.

Air freight shipments protection 

To protect temperature-sensitive air freight shipments such as biotechnological products or pharmaceutical products from excessive heat, we recommend thermal covers made from double layered Isohood insulating foil. For enhanced mechanical and thermal protection we offer insulating shipping cartons or insulation panels as an alternative. 

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