Insulating and cooling packaging for pharmaceutical industry applications


For many products from the pharmaceutical industry a controlled temperature profile of 15° to 25° Celsius respectively of 5° to 25° Celsius is mandatory during transport.

For pallet transports, particularly by airfreight, our thermal covers protect goods from extreme temperatures. Due to the exceptional reflective properties of the Isohood insulating foil being used, UV and heat radiation are almost completely neutralized. Our insulating covers prevent damage to goods during loading operations in summer weather.

Our insulating shipping cartons have proven to be a robust and easy to handle alternative in practice. 

They provide visually attractive insulation packaging with additional protection from mechanical effects. Besides that, the wrapping of pallets with stretch film that is otherwise required can be neglected.

For the shipment of packages in the 2-8°C range we offer our family of pre- qualified pharmaboxes in sizes from 2.7-53,9 liters of usable volume. They guarantee GDP-conformity for shipments beyond 72-96 h.

These pharmaboxes can be utilized equipped with special PCM cooling elements for shipments in ambient temperatures or the 15-25°C range.

For shipments from wholesale to pharmacy in the 2-25°C as well as in the 2-8°C range, our Isohood-Inlay packaging with special cooling element setups have proven effective in practice. 


Cold chain transport is mandatory for diagnostic products and laboratory samples. The shipping packaging must guarantee a specific temperature profile within narrow limits over several days, and should be easy to equip. Our pharmaboxes specifically ensure this.

Based on our ECOCOOL-INLAY and ECOCOOL-INLAY-PLUS cooling packaging systems it’s possible to develop tailor-made solutions to suit your individual needs. 

Material for clinical studies or clinical samples as well as biological cultures used as research material or drugs produced biotechnologically are extremely temperature sensitive and therefore the packaging is of significant importance. 

These demands can be satisfied with our pharmaboxes (optionally equipped with special PCM cooling elements).  Alternatively, we can construct cooling packages based on our EcoCool-Inlay-Plus System (optionally combined with vacuum insulation panels). This high quality cooling packaging can stand up to even the most extreme challenges of temperature control.

Get in touch with us! In close cooperation with you we will construct a tailor-made solution


Many temperature-sensitive laboratory samples, ingredients and pharmaceuticals require deep-freeze transport. Shipping in special packaging with dry ice will meet the requirements. Additional inner insulation made from Isohood insulating foil, provides our EcoCool-Inlay-Plus packaging system with the proven reliability from many years of application in the field.


When pharmacies need to ship temperature sensitive goods by express delivery, cooling packaging is required. Our ECOCOOL-INLAY packaging system is a suitable, cost-effective solution for shipping with standard parcel services. Along with our Coolpack cooling elements or solid cool packs, it can be handled easily and safely.


For almost all shipments of temperature sensitive goods in the pharmaceutical industry, the use of temperature loggers is a mandatory requirement from regulatory side. EcoCool provides various validated and affordable temperature loggers – we will be more than happy to give you a quotation!

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