Special cooling packaging: Inlay-Plus

Individual cooling and insulation packaging for particularly demanding requirements

The Inlay-Plus packaging concept was designed for high to extreme requirements for temperature control, at the same time providing maximum flexibility with regard to available formats. Applications include:

  • Intercontinental distribution with dry ice
  • National and international diagnostics distribution
  • A basis for individual packaging developments for distribution of medicinal products in the 2°-8°C/15°-25°C temperature range
  • Highly insulating long distance shipping packaging in fresh-food sectors
  • Insulating packaging for temperature sensitive special machines


Operating times of up to 120 hours possible

The operating times of Inlay-Plus packaging are between 48 and 120 hours, depending on customer specifications and considering efficiency.

Customised, efficient, and readily available

The Inlay-Plus packaging is based on a combination of EPS panels and special, multilayer insulating foil. This unique combination provides excellent insulation properties and reduces space requirements at the same time. All Inlay-Plus packaging come with strong, dual walled cardboard cartons. Inlay-Plus packaging is manufactured according to individual customer specifications. All sizes and dimensions can be created – from the smallest packaging to large packaging for Euro pallets.

In order to constantly comply with the logistical needs of our customers, we combine highest quality with the shortest delivery times.

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