Insulating packaging for transport companies

Air freight

In airfreight shipping, many goods require protection from too high or too low temperatures during loading and unloading. In particular, loading operations in summer conditions with tarmac temperatures of up to 60°C can be problematic. As protection for pallet loads, we offer thermal covers or insulating shipping cartons. Enhanced thermal protection can be achieved by the use of EcoCool insulation panels.


Land transport

During inland transportation, many goods (e.g. water-based paints and varnishes) require protection from exposure to frost. For this purpose, our thermal covers for pallets and drums, made from single layer Ventiflex material, have been proven over many years of practical use.

Maritime transport 

Doing without expensive reefer containers in maritime transport, where cooling is not mandatory, and still protect goods from extreme temperature conditions, lining containers with our Ventiflex or Isohood insulating foils is ideal. As a premium alternative with better thermal insulation, we have the EcoCool insulation panels.

Transport of goods with mandatory refrigeration or frozen goods

For shipments in the fresh or frozen goods sector requiring refrigeration, EcoCool offers individual solutions based on the EcoCool-Inlay and EcoCool-Inlay-Plus packaging systems. Considering duration and desired temperature control we will gladly assist you in obtaining the best solution for your consignments. 

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