Thermal covers

THERMAL COVERS are a standard product for protection of temperature-sensitive goods from too high or too low temperatures. According to the field of application ECOCOOL offers graded quality and design stages. More

Pharmaceutical Cooling Packaging 2 - 8°C

PHARMABOXES 2 - 8°C are GDP-compliant, pre-qualified cooling packages for the distribution of high quality refrigerated goods over 72-96 hours. More

Food cooling packaging

Our solution for parcel distribution of fresh foods: ECOCOOL`S ISOHOOD-INLAY COOLING PACKAGING system was developed for the specific requirements of fresh food distribution. More

Cooling Elements

ECOCOOL provides a wide range of cooling elements

  • Coolpack gel packs
  • Reusable hard shell packs
  • Customized, dimensionally stable cooling elements with foam core (foam bricks) with various cooling agents (water, PCM)
  • Absorber cooling elements


ECOCOOL - Secure solutions for temperature-sensitive logistics

ECOCOOL cooling packaging and packaging components are the secure solution for temperature-sensitive shipments. The highest demands on product quality and efficiency are as much a matter of course for us as are reliability and speed in order processing. We are happy to be at your service with many years of experience and comprehensive know-how to comply with your individual requirements.


Your benefits

  • Highest level of flexibility and particularly short delivery times, thanks to proprietary production in Germany
  • Over fifteen years of experience in the development and distribution of efficient cold chain logistics solutions
  • Products designed strictly in accordance with functionality and efficiency

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Bürgerschaftspräsident hospitiert bei ECOCOOL

Diesmal führte ihn seine „Kollege Präsident“-Tour in unsere Werkshallen. Bremens Bürgerschaftspräsident Frank Imhoff war zu Besuch und hat als Gast-Kollege selbst Hand angelegt. Imhoffs Fazit am Ende der Schicht: „Beeindruckend, wie innovativ und nachhaltig hier gearbeitet wird. 100% Ökostrom, intensive Abfallvermeidung, E-Fahrzeuge im Fuhrpark. Solche Unternehmen beleben Bremerhaven und schaffen Arbeitsplätze.“ Wir leben Verantwortung in allen Bereichen. Genau das ist unsere Unternehmensphilosophie. Schön, dass Sie bei uns waren!

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in Imhoffs Arbeitstag bei ECOCOOL

(0471) 98 69 2-000