Thermal covers

THERMAL COVERS are a standard product for protection of temperature-sensitive goods from too high or too low temperatures. According to the field of application ECOCOOL offers graded quality and design stages. More

Pharmaceutical Cooling Packaging 2 - 8°C

PHARMABOXES 2 - 8°C are GDP-compliant, pre-qualified cooling packages for the distribution of high quality refrigerated goods over 72-96 hours. More

Food cooling packaging

Our solution for parcel distribution of fresh foods: ECOCOOL`S ISOHOOD-INLAY COOLING PACKAGING system was developed for the specific requirements of fresh food distribution. More

Cooling Elements

ECOCOOL provides a wide range of cooling elements

  • Coolpack gel packs
  • Reusable hard shell packs
  • Customized, dimensionally stable cooling elements with foam core (foam bricks) with various cooling agents (water, PCM)
  • Absorber cooling elements


ECOCOOL - Secure solutions for temperature-sensitive logistics

ECOCOOL cooling packaging and packaging components are the secure solution for temperature-sensitive shipments. The highest demands on product quality and efficiency are as much a matter of course for us as are reliability and speed in order processing. We are happy to be at your service with many years of experience and comprehensive know-how to comply with your individual requirements.

Your benefits

  • Highest level of flexibility and particularly short delivery times, thanks to proprietary production in Germany
  • Over fifteen years of experience in the development and distribution of efficient cold chain logistics solutions
  • Products designed strictly in accordance with functionality and efficiency



The flexible and economic solution for the dispatch of temperature-sensitive food products. Read more