With the SMARTLINER, we’ve developed a highly cost-effective and sustainable form of insulation – made from recycled PET – for complete boxes. Thanks to added cooling elements, it keeps things cool for over 48 hours. The SMARTLINER is ideal for shipping foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and animal feed.


  • Safe and affordable
  • Sustainable, thanks to its use of recycled materials
  • Customer-specific bespoke manufacture possible, incl. individual branding
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C
  • Suitable for shipping foodstuffs and medicines, cosmetics and animal feed


  • Material: sawaflor® 4826 is composed of 100% polyester fibres
  • Proportion of recycled material: 80%
  • Colour: white/brown/flecked with black  -> colours may vary due to recycled fibres
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.038 W/m K
  • Surface weight: 400 g/m²

Current standard formats

Size Dimensions (mm)
S 360 x 200 x 210
M 400 x 300 x 250
L 580 x 380 x 200
XL 580 x 380 x 300

Tolerance of all dimensions ± 3%


Recommended number of cool-pack cooling elements

Smartliner Time ≤ 4°C Time ≤ 8°C Type and no. of CPs
S 24:25 h 44:50 h 4x CP 4.1, 500 g
M 38:25 h 48:40 h 4 x CP 1.3, 900 g
L 41:05 h 54:10 h 6 x CP 1.3, 900 g
XL 44:00 h 53:35 h 8 x CP 1.3. 900 g

ISOHOOD-INLAY system benefits

Our solution for parcel distribution of fresh foods: ECOCOOL`S ISOHOOD-INLAY COOLING PACKAGING system was developed for the specific requirements of fresh food distribution. It guarantees < 8°C temperature control over 30-40 hours.

TypeDims (mm)Packaging pcs./pal.
with cardboard/inlays only
M01260 x 160 x 120500/8003 St. 2.4/4.1
M02360 x 200 x 210250/4005 St. 3.1
M03400 x 300 x 250150/2503 St. 1.3
M04290 x 210 x 90500/8002 St. 2.1
M05290 x 210 x 180250/5003 St. 2.1
M06580 x 380 x 200150/2504 St. 1.3
M07580 x 380 x 300130/2506 St. 1.3


  • Space-saving, delivered flat: up to 500 packs per pallet
  • 7 readily available standard formats
  • Suitable for use with ECOCOOL Coolpack cooling elements
  • Customer-specific dimensions available
  • Easy to use, secure and cost-efficient

Food cooling packaging


The sustainable solution for chilled shipping of fresh food: 100% recyclable, non-odorous, space-saving

The Smartcooler was developed for parcel shipping of temperature-sensitive goods and provides in combination with cooling elements a temperature profile of <4 °C over 30-40 hours transit time at ambient temperatures of 18-30°C. In combination with adequate boxes, it allows combined packing of chilled and non-chilled goods in one unit.

Quick overview

  • Designed for parcel shipping of fresh food: < 4 °C over 30- 40 hours
  • Sustainable design by PE fleece made from 80% recycled material
  • 3 standard sizes available from stock
  • Perfectly matching with ECOCOOL Coolpack elements

Available formats

Size Width (mm) Height (mm) Thickness per side (mm)
S 350 365 25 +- 5
M 480 360 25 +- 5
L 530 445 25 +- 5


The flexible and economic solution for the dispatch of temperature-sensitive food products. The COOLMAILER ensures customers receive products such as chocolate, fish and fresh meat always in a cooled condition.

The COOLMAILER is available in different sizes and can be combined with cooling elements to provide a flexible solution for the dispatch of sensitive products under cooled conditions. The cold chain can be guaranteed for more than 24 hours using the COOLMAILER along with the necessary number of Coolpacks. The thermal coverings are available in different sizes and have been specially developed for parcel dispatch. They offer optimal utilisation of space and enable dispatch in a single package of both dry goods and goods requiring cooling. An adhesive flap provides easy handling and, when sealed, prevents unwanted air leakages.

The following standard sizes are always on stock (basic dimensions, 4cm for sealing flap in brackets):

  • 25x18 (+5) cm
  • 40x40 (+5) cm 
  • 60x40 (+5) cm (minimum order quantity: 250)

Other sizes can be requested from a minimum order quantity of 1000.

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