Tag: Flexible Kühlelemente

Jul 2019

Coolpack-Gelpacks – Schon gewusst?

1. Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht! ECOCOOL ist Anbieter einer großen Bandbreite von Kühlelementen. Zu den absoluten Kundenfavoriten zählen unter anderem die Coolpack-Gelpacks. Diese zeichnen sich vor allem durch ihre flexiblen Einsatzmöglichkeiten aus. Sie benötigen ein ganz bestimmtes Coolpackvolumen, also keines unserer Standardvolumina? Kein Problem! Grundsätzlich ist so gut wie jede kundenspezifische Volumenabfüllung der Coolpacks möglich. […]
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Jun 2018

Partner profile: HelloFresh is revolutionising everyday cooking

Swap the stress of planning and shopping with more creative inspiration and professional support when cooking – HelloFresh sends recipe boxes containing easy-to-cook, tasty and healthy meals straight to your doorstep. HelloFresh was founded in December 2011 by Jessica Nilsson, Thomas Griesel and Dominik Richter. Their vision was to offer an innovative service which made […]
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May 2018

‘Smartcooler’: New cooling packaging for online food deliveries

Deliveries of fresh food ordered online are booming. Meal box suppliers such as HelloFresh and online supermarkets such as MyTime or AllYouNeed Fresh are using the Internet as a new distribution channel for their food – as are specialised suppliers of caviar, speciality meats and vegan products. Suitable cooling packaging is essential to ensure that […]
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Nov 2017

Employee Profile: Now personally there for you – Key Account Manager Christian Wittenberg

He knows exactly what it takes when it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods. With over 16 years of experience, primarily in pharma and healthcare logistics, Christian Wittenberg is exactly the right man for the new position of Key Account Manager at ECOCOOL. “Young, dynamic, forward-thinking and innovative. These were my first impressions of Dr Florian […]
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Aug 2017

For a secure cold chain: ECOCOOL water-based cooling packs

Flexible cooling elements and gel packs Even the best insulated packaging needs cooling elements to be effective. Why? Because while insulating layers like styrofoam and wool do reduce the amount of heat that enters the packaging, they cannot stop this completely. ECOCOOL Coolpacks offer a solution: ice must absorb a considerable amount of energy from […]
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